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I love it when my books and CDs are shared as gifts. As an independent artist, I especially appreciate those who order directly from my website! I enjoy enjoy knowing where the items end up. It's a thrill to send a box off to Utah....or Georgia....or Alaska....and imagine folks there singing, dancing and reading along!

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I am excited for the MANY upcoming visits I'll be making for family well as for training sessions for early childhood educators and librarians.   So far, in 2015, I have trips scheduled to California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Missouri, Texas, Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Florida (in the winter!), Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana and Virginia.  And, of course, there will be lots of events in the Chicago area and my home state of Illinois!   I am HONORED to share my music play with folks all across the country this year!

Jim Gill's Family Room Tour:  What is unique about my concerts is the degree to which children, parents and grandparents sing and dance and play together.  It's more than a "performance"........a family room experience is created in the concert hall!  This video, featuring my friend Don Stille playing the accordion, is a great example of the active family play that takes place at each concert on my Family Room Tour:

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Words on Play

An Opportunity Missed....An Opportunity Taken

Some memories stick with you.

My wife and I were traveling and stopped into a pizza restaurant for dinner. As we entered we saw a dad and his daughter, maybe 4 years old, sitting at opposite sides of a booth.  Because both were leaning over the table, their heads were pretty close together. They looked as though they might be whispering secrets or telling each other jokes.  Who knew?  But it was a dad and his daughter obviously sharing a special time together.  My wife turned to me and said, "This reminds me of you on one of your daddy-daughter nights."

It was only as we walked past them to our own table that we saw the full picture.  The dad and his daughter were both leaning over the table they shared......and each was intimately involved with a personal digital device.  The father was typing on his ipad and the daughter was watching a movie on her portable dvd player. 

I suppose it’s the missed opportunity that I remember.

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