Special 20th Anniversary Edition with 2 BONUS Songs!

Jim Gill Sings The Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes was originally released in 1993… on LP record! The recording earned Jim numerous honors, including his first of five awards from the American Library Association, and has propelled him to spread music play to families far and wide ever since!

The 20th Anniversary Edition contains all 15 original tracks, digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality, as well as two brand new “bonus tracks.” In total, 17 different songs that invite children and the adults that care for them to clap, sing, dance and sneeze together.

Listen to samples of the songs and watch videos from his celebratory “Contagious Tunes Tour” by clicking on those links in the navigation area above.


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Happy Holidays! 

It is a special honor for me when folks share my CDs and books as gifts with the children (or a favorite teacher) that they love.  We ship each item within a day and I sign each book that is ordered from the website.  

"Silly Dance Contest" video:   Someone recently sent me a link to a video clip from an informal appearance at my favorite record store (Val's Halla Records in Oak Park, IL) in which I led families in a few round of my "Silly Dance Contest."  It gave me a smile!

click here to watch the segment


Words on Play

An Opportunity Missed....An Opportunity Taken

Some memories stick with you.

My wife and I were traveling and stopped into a pizza restaurant for dinner. As we entered we saw a dad and his daughter, maybe 4 years old, sitting at opposite sides of a booth.  Because both were leaning over the table, their heads were pretty close together. They looked as though they might be whispering secrets or telling each other jokes.  Who knew?  But it was a dad and his daughter obviously sharing a special time together.  My wife turned to me and said, "This reminds me of you on one of your daddy-daughter nights."

It was only as we walked past them to our own table that we saw the full picture.  The dad and his daughter were both leaning over the table they shared......and each was intimately involved with a personal digital device.  The father was typing on his ipad and the daughter was watching a movie on her portable dvd player. 

I suppose it’s the missed opportunity that I remember.

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