Jim's New CD Now Available!

Vote For Jim Gill, Jim's new recording, is filled with 14 new and original musical games: sing-alongs, clap-alongs, jump-alongs and finger plays. This recording will fill your family room, classroom circle time or library story time with more of the energizing and joyous music play that you expect from Jim Gill!

As a special bonus for ordering directly from our website, we will enclose two campaign buttons for you to proudly wear and, for the children, two stickers! These stickers and buttons are only available at jimgill.com

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A Video from my NEW CD!  (Click Here) We created a video for one of the 14 new musical games on my new CD.  It is a finger play called "One From The Left."  The idea was to have four people join me in the video that are representative of the types of people that I meet everyday in my travels and visits.....people that work with and care for young children.  I am always honored when parents tell me that they play my music with their children at home.....and when when teachers, caregivers and librarians tell me that my songs are part of their work with children.  I hope this new song becomes a favorite!

Jim Gill's Nationwide Campaign of Play:  I have lots of appearances scheduled in the coming months that will feature songs from my new CD, Vote For Jim Gill, as well as active favorites from the past such as "Silly Dance Contest" and "Spin Again."  It is all part of my Nationwide Campaign For Play!  I will be barnstorming from state to state right up until election day!  And, unlike the traditional candidates, I don't plan on stopping once the election is over.  I promise that my Nationwide Campaign For Play will continue!  Check the tour dates to find a concert near you.  And if you'd like to schedule a concert for your community, contact me!  I'd LOVE to visit!  


Words on Play

I Have a Favorite 

I have a favorite.

It is not a favorite CD of mine.

It is not a favorite song.

It is a favorite moment.

At each of my concerts there is a point at which I sing my song “Face The Facts,” an active movement game with some silly word play:

We must face the fact. Our swimming arms are back.

They are splashing, flapping, stretching, lapping one full mile exact.

We must face the fact. Our swimming arms are back.

Watching everyone rousingly pantomime “swimming arms, “ “scissor legs,” and “driving hands” is fun….but those moments aren’t my favorite.

My favorite moment is when I look out at the children, parents and grandparents as I sing:

We must face the fact. Our binocular eyes are back.

They are peering, peeking, scanning, seeking needles in haystacks.

We must face the fact. Our binocular eyes are back.... 

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