Video footage from one of Jim’s family concerts. Notice all of the children, parents and grandparents singing and playing together! Creating opportunities for family play is the focus of Jim’s work.

Family Involvement

  • “Jim Gill and his music create an environment for learning and laughter. That’s why his music has become a staple amongst the preschool set. Not only are the children learning; they are moving and laughing with the adults in their lives. Jim makes a connection with kids and parents in a very special way, which helps build a special connection between children and their parents. ”

    —Susie Vaughan
    School Administrator
    Plano, TX

  • “Jim is an absolute master at using words and music in creative ways that both children and adults enjoy. When he performed for families here in Oregon they had absolutely the best time ever reading, singing and playing along. Jim takes what seems to be simple, gives it his own twist, and ends up promoting literacy (as well as music) while everyone is having fun—TOGETHER!”

    — Heather McNeil
    Youth Services Manager, Deschutes Public Library
    Bend, OR

  • “I’ve spent my career finding good ways for adults and children to play together. Adult-child play enriches the play experience, and helps to build strong emotional bonds. I’ve known and worked with Jim Gill for more than 20 years. His music play provides a unique and compelling way for adults and children to spend happy, active time together.”

    —Mary Sinker
    Children’s Museum Family Experience Specialist

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Jim Gill is the family involvement specialist.

Anyone who has ever attended one of Jim Gill's concerts knows that rather than performing for the children, parents and grandparents, he leads them to sing and play together. 

Each event is more than a show to watch. It is an opportunity for family play!

This unique focus on family play and interaction is what sets Jim Gill apart from other children’s musicians and authors and reflects his graduate studies in child development. Jim engages the children, parents and grandparents in joyful, energizing play in order to inspire them to continue the play at home.


While each event is in the planning stage Jim sends each client a list of ideas, gathered over 30 years, to help create an environment for the concert that promotes "family room" play.  And then, in concert, he shares a repertoire of original songs and books that is specially tailored to the needs of the audience. There might be songs for families with toddlers…..songs for families with preschoolers……songs for families of school-aged children…..songs for families with children with special needs. Most often audiences include a mix of all of the above and Jim selects the best musical games or books to share to keep everyone actively engaged in the play.

Jim can provide a handout for families with ideas and resources to continue the play at home.

If your program is looking for an event that promotes family involvement and family play, contact Jim. He'd love to visit!

If you are interested in inviting Jim to your community for a family involvement event, you can email him at