Jim Gill’s Most Celebrated Songs: Music Play Volume 1 (CD)


Volume #1 of a 3 CD set of Jim Gill’s best music play.

Jim Gill has recorded 7 CDs of original songs over the past 30 years. He selected his most active musical games from those recordings and created a set of 3 CDs that are filled the songs that teachers, librarians, caregivers and, most importantly, children love the most. Each CD in this set contains 17 songs to help you and the children you care for celebrate your time together!

Track listing:

1. Can’t Wait To Celebrate
2. Beethoven’s Five Finger Play
3. Bouncing, Hopping and Jumping (remix)
4. Face The Facts
5. Knuckles Knees
6. Truck Stop
7. Spaghetti Legs
8. Follow the Band
9. I’ll Spell It Out For You
10. My Ups And Downs
11. Silly Dance Contest
12. Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello
13. Swing Your Partner
14. Hammer and Saw (remix)
15. Repeat After Me!
16. Shakin’ Everywhere
17. May There Always Be Sunshine