Jim Gill’s Most Celebrated Songs: Music Play Volume 2 (CD)


Volume #2 of a 3 CD set of Jim Gill’s best music play.

Jim Gill has recorded 7 CDs of original songs over the past 30 years. He selected his most active musical games from those recordings and created a set of 3 CDs that are filled the songs that teachers, librarians, caregivers and, most importantly, children love the most. Each CD in this set contains 17 songs to help you and the children you care for celebrate your time together!

Track listing:

1. Hands Are For Clapping
2. B-A-N-J-O
3. The Tempo Marches On
4. Have You Seen The Trampoline?
5. One From The Left (A Finger Play)
6. Jump Up, Turn Around
7. Conducting Can Be Fun (remix)
8. Bounces Abundant
9. Bananas
10. Your Face Will Surely Show It
11. Silly When You Stop
12. Sliding, Rolling And Jumping
13. Poison Ivy
14. I Changed My Mind
15. The Irrational Anthem
16. Leaky Umbrella
17. Family Goodbyes